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Hello Loves! Meet My Love!

I figured it’s only fair, since I may be sharing in your most intimate moments & celebrations, to start my blog with a glimpse into my love life. Hope you enjoy getting to know me as much as I love getting to know about you!


wedding style

Our love story goes back eight years (going on 6 years of marriage), so we’ve been through a lot together, but I’ll keep it as brief as possible (promise my future posts won’t be as long & wordy, but I have a lot to say about my hubby)! 😉

I always believed in true love-That everyone has a soulmate out there they just need to be patient enough to find. As a young girl, I was picky with the boys I dated because a teacher of mine once told me, “Be careful who you date because the last person you date will be the one you marry”. So I started a list in my head of the perfect man: tall, handsome, chiseled face (hey, I was a teenager, so the physical was still very important!), good morals, great family, warm heart, funny, outgoing, & Southern. (The last item on that list may seem odd, & unlikely to exist in California, but I wanted a Southern gentleman so I wished for one. Can you blame a girl for being specific?)

Believe it or not, after attending UCLA, deciding to stay in LA to begin a career in TV production at E! which soon transformed into a career in event planning, but not before searching on Myspace to see if any of my friends knew someone who could get me a better paying gig in TV, I found him!! Weirdly enough, Josh & I had this very same image on our Myspace pages of that famous romantic kiss in the Notebook.


This was enough for me to strike up a casual conversation online (we both liked the same movie after all) which soon turned into long telephone chats. I didn’t have the nerve to ask for work yet from someone I hadn’t met in person, so when he suggested we meet at a club we were both going to I agreed with the condition that I wasn’t going to hang out with him, just saying hi & then dancing with my friends (we still laugh about that strange first encounter). The attraction wasn’t there immediately as neither one of us were looking for a relationship, but as the days went by we became inseparable (I never got that job by the way because I fell in love with event planning & started moving in that direction). It wasn’t long before I realized that this tall, sweet, hilarious & talented Southern boy was the man I wanted to spend my life with. It took him a little longer (men! jk), but much to my surprise he took me on the most romantic Valentines Day getaway to a gorgeous resort, swept me off my feet with a lovely oceanfront dinner & proposed to me in our room filled with candles & rose petals! I didn’t think he was ready, but I knew in my heart it was right & said yes!

The rest, as they say, is history. We married at the Wayfarer’s Chapel surrounded by our loving families & friends.

Wayfarer's Chapel

This was before I became a wedding planning obsessed coordinator, so we kept it fairly simple & within a reasonable budget (minus the new Phantom Rolls Royce that Josh had to have & I happily obliged. That was the only detail of the wedding he cared about, so I got to choose my favorite girly coral color and had free reign with everything else! Even convinced him to do a choreographed first dance, which we had so much fun learning together).


In fact I was so busy with my job, I didn’t even get to go to my floral appointments. I sent a wonderful friend with pictures of what I had in mind & had the wedding fairy godmothers shining down on me that day, because I was so lucky they turned out just like I hoped! Not something I would recommend doing, but I had the picture perfect wedding despite the risks I took!


All I can say is when it comes down to it, after all the planning, researching, crafting, designing & dreaming you will not be a happier bride (or groom) than the girl with the simplest, low-budget wedding who is head over heels in love with the person standing in front of her at the altar. That is why the most important piece of advice I can give you is “Be in the moment”. Enjoy it because it goes by in a flash. Let me handle all the details to make the event truly spectacular & stress-free while you enjoy that first kiss as a married couple, your first dance & the beginning of a beautiful life of many firsts together. I hope you all find your true love like I did & do everything you can to make it last forever. Relationships aren’t always easy, but if you pick the right one, they are worth it!

Okay readers, it’s your turn! Comment & share how you met “The One”. I love hearing about your fairytale romances 😉

xo, Ana


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To Josh: Thank you for standing by my side all these years, making me laugh & enjoy the simplest things we do together, supporting me with my crazy career dreams, being the most amazing husband, father, son, brother (to my siblings) & friend to everyone around us & most of all for always being willing to grow with me no matter where life takes us. You’re beyond my dream come true, you’re better & I’m so lucky to spend the rest of my life with you.

Love always , Your wifey

(Wedding portraits taken by the amazing Judy Hailey of Hailey Studios)

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